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Golf Rrr


Responsive Web Design


Experience Design Lead

what if you could control a car ad ... with your voice?

The Problem

Volkswagen introduced the new Golf R, a sportier version of the Golf meant for drivers that wanted speed. But Volkswagen isn't thought of as a sports car company. We needed to change consumers perception, without loosing our sense of self. 

The idea

We all grew up racing Hot Wheels on table tops. Our mission was to tap into that memory and remind people that everyday driving could be fun again. Using voice recognition AI, we created a platform that let users record their own car noises to produce a one-of-a-kind race car ad. 


As an Experience Designer, I think it's important to be involved in a project from initial concept all the way to launch. Here are the work flows that I was involved in on the Golf Rrr project. 


Developed initial concept of creating an advertisement where users could drive a car with the sound of their voice. 

ux design

Designed a simple interface that encouraged users to record a variety of car noises, and gave immediate feedback.

user testing

Built and tested prototypes with users to determine points of confusion and interface improvements. 

quality assurance

Worked with development team to test build and identify bugs across different screen sizes and browsers.

The Flow



3. results

4. Watch



"You control this new VW ad by making your own ridiculous car noises."

- Fast Company


the one club bronze pencil

webby for Best Use of Online Media

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