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How do you help home cooks get out of a recipe rut?

The Problem

Many at-home cooks tend to make the same things over and over. Not because they don’t want to branch out, but because sifting through recipe options can be overwhelming, and trying something new is always risky. So, to make recipe exploration easier, we designed a recommendation engine that finds users new recipes based on the ingredients they have, and the flavors they love.

The idea

To help users find new recipes, we ask them what ingredients they already like to cook with. Using flavor science, we then extrapolate flavors that they'll enjoy, and create a unique Flavorprint just for them. Every recipe on the site also has a Flavorprint so we can compare them with a user's and match them with recipes they'll love. 

The Flow

1. record tastes

2. get flavorprint

3. view recipes

4. save recipes

5. print  updates


As an Experience Designer, I think it's important to be involved in a project from initial concept all the way to launch. Here are the work flows that I was involved in on the McCormick Flavorprint project. 

consumer research

Researched competitive recipe sites and performed user interviews with at-home cooks.

UX Design

Designed a stepped process to capture preferences, as well as recipe and product detail pages.

User testing

Tested algorithm results and interface designs with home cooks to capture feedback and points of confusion. 

quality assurance

Worked with development team to test build and identify bugs across different screen sizes and browsers.


"Just like a vegan mark or a kosher mark, FlavorPrint will eventually become a recognizable symbol."

- Erin Lynch,

Creative Director


webby for Interactive Advertising & Media

Silver Cannes Cyber Lion, Branded Utility

Bronze Cannes Cyber Lion, User Experience

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