I am a UX Designer with 7 years of product experience.


I like to work at the intersection of function and fun.

kind of like this guy


Creative Direction

Product Design

Responsive Design

Game & App Design

Strategic Research & Analysis

User Testing & Research


User Stories & Flows


Quality Assurance

Deutsch Inc.

associate experience design director
2016 - Present


I spent much of my time at R/GA creating digital experiences that personalize a client’s offering to the customer’s needs, whether it be clothing, music, or what to cook for dinner.  In my final year, I shifted to game design, working with fitness trainers to create competitive digital exercise classes. Working under a creative director, I oversaw a team of two experience designers and worked directly with visual designers and developers. Clients I worked with include Verizon, McCormick Spice, Victoria’s Secret, Beats Music, Tiffany’s, L’Oréal Paris, and Equinox.


At Deutsch, I work directly with clients to understand how their business needs can better intersect with the needs of their consumers and provide recommendations on the best way to build their business through social media campaigns, product design, and unique services. Depending on the project, I oversee teams of up to 5 strategists, designers, and developers to take projects from concept through to build and marketing. Clients I have worked with include Anthem Inc., Volkswagen, Taco Bell, and Pandora.

experience design Lead
2015 - 2016

In 2008, the Yale School of Medicine decided to bring the separate web pages of each academic department together and create a single platform. As a web technician, I sifted through content to help designers understand what was important to our two main user types: hospital patients and prospective medical school students. After the team had designed a series of templates, I placed new content into pages, reviewed feedback from users, and checked live pages for bugs. The experience sparked my interest in building digital platforms that start with the needs of the user. 

yale university school of medicine

Senior experience designer
2013 - 2015
experience designer
2011 - 2013
2010 - 2011
Associate experience designer
Web technician
2009 - 2010