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the pursuit


Installation & Native Application


Experience & Game Designer

How do you reinvent the indoor-cycling experience to push riders to pedal harder?

The idea

To motivate riders to push themselves further, we created a connected cycling class that shows riders their performance in real-time. In-class games motivate riders to compete against each other and themselves, and class performance is saved to riders' profiles so they can to track improvement over time. 

The games

Working with trainers and sports psychologists, we created two classes; Burn and Build. Each has a series of games that pit team against team, and rider against rider. Riders are represented by a circle with their bike number that spins to represent their speed and energy output.


Burn is a 5 stages sprint workout. Games are meant to raise riders heart rate for short periods of time using traditional exercise paradigms like TABATA and relays. The class starts with a focus on the individual rider, but as it progresses the games transition to team competitions to keep riders motivated as they tire


Build is a 3 stage endurance class that focuses on hill climbs. The games focus on distance covered rather than intensity, and are designed to maintain riders motivation for longer periods of time without requiring their cnstant attention.   

The studio

In addition to designing the games, we had to consider the physical space of the cycling-studio, and the experience of riding while trying to process information. We relied heavily on visual indicators to make information easily scannable. Information needed to be large enough to be seen from everywhere in the room without being blocked by the instructor

The second screen

For riders that wanted more personal performance data during the ride, we designed a second screen that is synched with the class' progress. The second screen communicates an individuals distance, power, and placement with the class. It lives within the Equinox app, and is triggered automatically based on the users location and class calendar.

Rider's class and individual game performance is saved to their profile and can be reviewed after class. Performance data is also shown at the beginning of the next class to motivate riders to continue improving.


As am Experience Designer, I think it's important to be involved in a project from initial concept all the way to launch. Here are the work flows that I was involved in on the Equinox Pursuit project. 


Developed initial concept of creating a connected cycling class where riders could compete in games.

consumer research

Researched competitive connected workout classes and performed user interviews with cycling enthusiasts.

game design

Worked with cycling instructors to design individual and group games based on cycling exercises.

ux design

Designed a simple interface for in-class screen, second screen app and instructor console.


"Competition raises everyone's performance level, even if you deem yourself to be uncompetitive.

- Jeffrey Scott, Schwinn Master Trainer


user testing

Tested class prototypes with riders and performed post-workout interviews to determine improvements and points of confusion. 

quality assurance

Worked with development team to test build and identify bugs for in-class screen, second screen app and instructor console.


gold Cannes mobile Lion, mobile technology

Bronze Cannes mobile Lion, User Experience

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